COVID-19 Update: Our waiver was approved!

COVID-19 Update #2

17July 2020

Continue to check this page as we update it with all our current COVID-19 plans.

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Dear RSMCS Families:

As many of you are aware, Governor Newsom held a press conference this afternoon (Friday, Jul 17) to release his guidelines for schools reopening this fall. Please know that all of our administrative team watched the press conference and have read the official state of California COVID-19 Industry Guidance document to determine what this means for our school moving forward. We are fully aware of the Governor's latest guidelines and are proactively working on our most recent plan in order to provide you with the highest level of confidence with regard to your child's safety. The well-being of your students, along with that of our faculty and staff, are most important to us.

With more than a month before school is set to reopen, we know that a lot can happen. With that in mind, prudence dictates that we make wise decisions as we seek the Lord and continue to consider all of our options. We are consulting with many experts in the industry in accordance with what the Bible says in Proverbs 11:14, "There is wisdom in a multitude of councilors." Our administrative team is working hard to provide a more specific reopening plan that will be released by the end of next week.

What we can say with certainty is that we are beyond excited for the upcoming school year! God is good and has moved in mighty ways both on and off our campus these past few months.

To this end, we ask for your prayers and patience as we navigate these strange times. God is good, all the time!

Psalm 46:10

"Be still and know I am God"

RSMCS Administration

See COVID Update #1

We have created a page to answer most of your questions about how we've created a safe learning environment. If there there are any other admissions questions we can answer, call or text 949-334-7364.