Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRS)

RSM Christan Students have PURPOSE

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RSM Christian Students will. . .

P. . . possess authentic relationships with Jesus Christ.

  • Present their personal testimony of salvation
  • Study and respect the Bible as God’s inspired Word
  • Express and defend their faith in all situations
  • Prayerfully look to God and His Word daily as the source of truth and direction


U. . . understand that their bodies are temples in which the Holy Spirit dwells.

  • Exhibit a godly, healthy lifestyle
  • Develop God-given abilities
  • Demonstrate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness
  • Integrate biblical principles into the physical disciplines


R. . . respect God, authorities, and peers.

  • Recognize God as the author of absolute truth
  • Model responsible citizenship
  • Express accountability for their words and actions
  • Demonstrate consideration of others


P. . . problem solve and think critically.

  • Investigate meaning beyond the obvious in developing high level thinking skills
  • Collaborate with peers to problem solve and share ideas
  • Apply biblical principles to moral choices
  • Demonstrate use of the scientific method


O. . . orient their lives to the needs of others

  • Serve those in their community and beyond in tangible ways
  • Develop an awareness of and compassion for diverse cultures
  • Model responsible Christian ethics by acting with justice and mercy
  • Demonstrate consideration and accountability for their words and actions

S. . . succeed as self-directed learners.

  • Set realistic personal and academic goals
  • Demonstrate organizational and time management skills
  • Analyze, integrate, and synthesize new information
  • Take initiative and have ability to transfer learned skills to new situations


E. . . engage in effective communication.

  • Read, write, speak, and listen reflectively and critically
  • Express themselves creatively through art, drama, foreign language, music, or sports
  • Demonstrate competency in written, oral, and technological communication
  • Articulate the precepts of a Christian worldview expressing and defending their faith

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