Keith Mendoza

Keith Mendoza

Technology Support

Keith Mendoza graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Cal State, Fullerton. He was born in Santa Ana and lived in the Philippines with his grandparents for 15 years before returning to Tustin when he was 17. Throughout his career, Mr. Mendoza has worked in the financial technology, in-flight entertainment, e-commerce, and cybersecurity industries. He likes to claim he knows exactly how the “internet sausage” is made, and he thinks clouds are made mostly of Linux servers.

Mr. Mendoza came to faith at 21 years old and has served mostly in A/V or tech-related ministries for most of his Christian life. He has been a member of The Bridge Church since 2015. He has also served in some capacity leading small groups. His other passion is aviation, and he has his private pilot’s license.

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