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Paola Blankenship, JK Teacher

Paola Blankenship has been in early childhood education since 2004. It began as a ministry in her home church before she decided to pursue her Early Childhood certification. Mrs. Blankenship graduated with an Associate Degree in Administration of Justice, with a minor in psychology. She grew up in a strong Catholic family and was deeply involved in church since the age of 9. She became a Christian in 2001 and has committed her life fully to serving Jesus ever since.

Mrs. Blankenship’s primary goal is to teach, love, and serve in such a way that her students experience God’s presence and are given the chance to know Him and develop a personal relationship with Him by placing their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Mrs. Blankenship is married to her “awesome” husband, and they have two boys who enjoy extreme sports and are full-time soccer players.

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