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The students of RSMCS score in the top 10% of the nation on standardized testing. Our graduates have a 100% acceptance rate to all local private high schools. 30% of our 6th graders and 45% of our graduating 8th graders receive the President’s Award for Educational Excellence. Students receiving this award must maintain a GPA of at least 3.75 and must score in the top 15% of the nation on standardized testing in the area of math or reading.

From pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, students at RSMCS experience a challenging academic curriculum that is grounded in biblical principles and delivered in an environment that is loving, encouraging, and supportive.  Our program of study is designed to inculcate core values while maintaining academic integrity.  Results from standardized tests and from high school placements confirm the academic success our students enjoy. In addition to the subject-specific content included in the state educational framework, RSMCS students also participate in Spanish, technology, and fine arts. If you would like to review the textbooks we use or see an overview the specific curriculum for any grade level, please contact our Admission Director and schedule a tour.

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Educational specialists agree that children should begin learning a foreign language as early as possible.  RSM Christian School employs a full-time Spanish teacher who leads Spanish classes for all students in grades 1-6.  Our elementary Spanish program strategically introduces core Spanish vocabulary words and phrases through songs and games.  Junior high students have the elective to take one year of Spanish to prepare for high school level foreign language.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a reading incentive program for our 1st-5th grade students that encourages them to read better quality books using a reading point system with goals and prizes to motivate. This fun program has been proven to boost student academic performance.  Students can log in and earn point in their classrooms.

Academic Competitions

RSM Christian School participates in a number of academic competitions sponsored by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). In any given year, students may compete in speech meets, spelling bees, creative writing festivals, math Olympics, and more.

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Academic Support

The Learning Lab is designed to provide RSM Christian School students additional support in order to help them reach their full academic potential. The Learning Lab teacher uses the same curriculum standards as the homeroom classes but is able to accommodate and differentiate the lessons to meet the needs of the students.

Testing & Standards

RSM Christian School wide average is 90.1%, placing our students in the top 10% of students across the nation.  While California public schools are required to implement the national Common Core State Standards, as a private exempt school, RSMCS has the freedom to choose and implement the standards and curricula that we determine to be most effective for our students.  Since the California State Standards established in 2003 are more rigorous than CCSS, RSMCS will continue to meet and exceed these standards, which are some of the highest in the nation. In order to maintain our high standards, we will remain diligent in reviewing our program regularly so that our students continue to make strong transitions to high school. Students need to be academically in step with their public school counterparts and properly prepared for high school entrance exams and eventually college placement testing.

Field Trips

Education also takes place outside of our classroom walls.  Classes take anywhere from three to five field trips per year depending upon the grade level. Some destinations include Olivera Street, Mission San Juan Capistrano, Discovery Science Center and milestone field trips like Sacramento, Science Camp, Washington D.C..

We're still enrolling a few grades for the 2024/2025 school year. Becoming part of the RSM Christian School Community is as easy as scheduling a tour, coming for a visit, and applying for admission.

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