We're hosting Vertical Worship in concert!

Affordability in Education

RSM Christian School strives to keep tuition affordable while still offering a robust program that nurtures the whole child. Tuition assistance is available based on a family’s financial need.

2021-2022 Tuition & Fee Schedule

Grade LevelEnrollment*Materials †Technology Fee §Yearly Tuition
Pre-School 2-Day$150$100N/A$3,525
Pre-School 3-Day$150$100N/A$4,525
Pre-School 5-Day$150$100N/A$6,125
JK 3-Day$250$175N/A$5,125
JK 5-Day$250$200N/A$7,100
7-8 ‡$495$450$350$9,600

2nd Child Receives 10% Discount

Grade LevelEnrollment*Materials †Technology Fee §Yearly Tuition
Pre-School 2-Day$150$100N/A$3,172
Pre-School 3-Day$150$100N/A$4,072
Pre-School 5-Day$150$100N/A$5,512
JK 3-Day$250$175N/A$4,612
JK 5-Day$250$200N/A$6,390
7-8 ‡$495$450$350$8,640

3rd Child and Thereafter Receive 15% discount

Grade LevelEnrollment*Materials †Technology Fee §Yearly Tuition
Pre-School 2-Day$150$100N/A$2,996
Pre-School 3-Day$150$100N/A$3,846
Pre-School 5-Day$150$100N/A$5,206
JK 3-Day$250$175N/A$4,356
JK 5-Day$250$200N/A$6,035
7-8 ‡$495$450$350$8,160

* Enrollment Fee is due when enrollment process is completed. A student’s spot is not guaranteed until Enrollment Fee is paid in full.

† Materials Fee is due July 1, and will be deducted from a family FACTS account.

‡ Jr. High Retreat Fee is $150; due August 1. Fee will be deducted from a family FACTS account.

§ Technology Fee (K-8) is due June 1 and will be deducted from a family FACTS account.

New Applicants

$100 Application Fee is due upon submission of online application for all new students.

Enrollment Fee Payment Options

Automatic withdrawal through FACTS (checking/savings account or credit card).

Tuition Payment Options

Pay in full – one payment due June 1 – FACTS, check, cash, or credit card (5% discount applies).

Pay in two payments - due June 1 and December 1 – FACTS, check, cash, or credit card (5% discount applies).

Monthly payments – Automatic withdrawal through FACTS (checking/savings account, or credit card). For families enrolling after June, monthly payment options will be discussed with RSMCS tuition accounts manager.

Credit card payments are processed through FACTS Tuition Management Company. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express accepted; FACTS surcharge of 2.85% per credit card transaction applies.

Late payments or returned checks incur a $30 late fee (as per RSMCS Policy and FACTS agreement).

Refund Policy

Enrollment, Material, and Technology Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

A student’s FACTS account will be terminated 30 days from written notice of withdrawal. A refund on tuition after the first day of school will be calculated based on a 10-month instruction schedule. Percentage of refund will be as follows:

  1. If a student is withdrawn before the first day of school, 100% of tuition paid, minus any fees paid, minus any materials and fees payable, is refundable.
  2. Beginning the first day of school, all tuition paid is NON-REFUNDABLE.

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