Family and Friends, join us for music & silent auction to support the students and faculty of RSMCS.

Affordability in Education

RSM Christian School strives to keep tuition affordable while still offering a robust program that nurtures the whole child. Tuition assistance is available based on a family’s financial need.

2024-2025 Tuition & Fee Schedule

Grade Level Enrollment Yearly Tuition
Pre-School, 2-Day$195$4,100
Pre-School, 3-Day$195$5,700
Pre-School, 5-Day$195$7,400
Pre-Kindergarten, 3-Day$295$6,200
Pre-Kindergarten, 5-Day$295$7,900
Transitional Kindergarten$300$9,100
Kindergarten-6th Grade$495$11,500
7th-8th Grade$495$11,500

Tuition pricing comprises program expenses and materials, including costs for school security, technology, books/materials, labs, enrichment classes, grade-level field trips (excluding overnight field trips), and most classroom desk supplies.

Tuition Discounts are available to families who have up to three children enrolled at RSMCS.

The non-refundable Enrollment Fee is due when the enrollment process is completed. A student's classroom placement is not guaranteed until a FACTS payment plan has been selected and the enrollment fee is paid in full.

Tuition Payment Options

  • Option A: Pay in full with a 3% early payment discount, due July 15, 2024.
  • Option B: 11 Monthly payments - July 1, 2024, through May 1, 2025.

Tuition Payment

  • All tuition payments are made through the FACTS Family Portal. Payments will be automatically deducted from a designated checking or savings account, debit, or credit card. A convenience fee applies to all card transactions.
  • Any incidental expenses throughout the year (Athletics, CREW, extracurriculars, etc) will be invoiced and paid through FACTS and are non-refundable.
  • Tuition paid is non-refundable. If the full year was paid in advance, only the equivalent remaining installments are refundable beginning the month after withdrawal, less 20% of total annual tuition.
  • A fee will be assessed for all late payments and any dishonored payments. After three attempts to collect a payment, your FACTS account will be listed as unresolved and a manual payment will need to be made.
  • For further information regarding Delinquent Accounts and Withdrawals, please see the RSMCS Student-Parent Handbook.

Please join us on the RSM Christian School green for live music and a silent auction to support the students and faculty of RSMCS. Family and Friends are welcome.

Giving on the Green