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Junior High

Our Junior High is an exciting place — one where students encounter new adventures, are challenged at more demanding levels, and are encouraged in their personal responsibility.

8:05 am - 3:00 pm

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At RSM Christian School, the intersection between Elementary School and High School is called “Junior High.” While other schools have “Middle School” (which serves 6th – 8th grade), RSM’s Junior High is the exclusive home of 7th and 8th grade students.

Course Objectives

English 7 is a literature-based class that focuses on helping students build upon skills introduced in elementary school.   Students will focus on refining composition skills, grammar, punctuation, usage, and further developing the ability to think critically and analyze literary works and work on oral communication and presentation abilities.

Students will:

Demonstrate the writing process from brainstorming to publication Identify the component parts of a multi-paragraph essay Write well-constructed, coherent, and multi-paragraph essays Define key literary terms, devices, and identify in context Deliver well-organized, formal presentations utilizing traditional rhetorical techniques Write and speak with the authority of standardized English conventions. Discuss concepts of character analysis, theme and plot Develop spelling and vocabulary skills Assignments and Assessments

Students are responsible for preparing for class and actively participating. The class will utilize a number of varied learning methods including, but not limited to shared inquiry, project-based learning, class and group discussion, journaling, independent research, lecture, and multimedia. English homework is given daily, and students participate in varied activities to support topics studied. Quizzes, tests, and essays are used as assessments regularly and will be announced at least one week prior to being given.


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Please join us on the RSM Christian School green for live music and a silent auction to support the students and faculty of RSMCS. Family and Friends are welcome.

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