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Amal Andraos

Amal Andraos

5th Grade Teacher

Amal Andraos began her higher education graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey. After having three children, she was drawn toward the teaching profession where she was able to support and guide children in their most vulnerable years. She returned to higher education at Biola University where she received her teaching credentials and Master’s of Arts in Teaching. She walked the stage as the Master’s Graduate Class Speaker.

Ms. Andraos worked as a second-grade teacher at St. Mark’s Lutheran School for 16 years. At St. Marks, she coached the Math Olympiad group, served as a junior high mentor, and served on the leadership committee. She currently mentors newly graduated teachers through the Biola Mentoring Program.

In her free time, Ms. Andraos enjoys Bible study, hiking, being outside, baking, and spending time with her family. Her personal mission is to foster the growing relationships between her students and God. She hopes for each of her students to walk in their faith with dependence on the Lord and understand that He has a plan for each of their lives.

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