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Heatherdawn Wadleigh, Technology Teacher

Heatherdawn Wadleigh

Director of Technology

Introducing the tech-savvy force for God, Heatherdawn Wadleigh! With over two decades of experience in the ever-evolving technology realm, she has mastered the art of unleashing the true potential of cutting-edge gadgets and digital wonders. As an enthusiastic advocate of tech empowerment, Heatherdawn thrives on enlightening others on the exhilarating possibilities technology brings to their everyday lives.

Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Computer Information Systems, she possesses the perfect blend of technical expertise and patient instruction. Heatherdawn’s innate ability to blend innovation with practicality allows her to effortlessly navigate the digital landscape, unraveling the mysteries of technology and unlocking its full potential for those fortunate enough to cross her path.

Heatherdawn, alongside her partner-in-adventure, Christopher, embarked on an extraordinary journey to RSM Christian School when they followed through on their heartfelt decision to enroll their son, the charismatic William, in Junior Kindergarten at Mission Hills Christian School in 2019. This move ignited a new chapter in Heatherdawn’s life as she obeyed God’s push to redirect her career. While conquering the ever-evolving tech world, Heatherdawn finds solace in dedicating her time to illuminating a path of hope, empowerment, and endless possibilities for children across the globe.

Through her inspiring volunteer work, Heatherdawn plays a pivotal role on the Board of Directors for the not-for-profit organization, Uniforms for Hope. With a powerful vision to empower children globally, Uniforms for Hope strives to remove barriers to education by providing compulsory school uniforms. Heatherdawn’s unwavering commitment to this noble cause highlights her dedication to ensuring every child has access to education.

So, whether she’s unraveling the intricacies of the digital universe or creating pathways for children to break free from the chains of poverty through access to education, Heatherdawn Wadleigh is a dynamic force, driven by her unwavering passion for technology, education, and community-building. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey as you witness her unravel the mysteries of tech, leaving a lasting impact on all fortunate enough to share in her boundless enthusiasm and expertise.

Please join us on the RSM Christian School green for live music and a silent auction to support the students and faculty of RSMCS. Family and Friends are welcome.

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