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Yvonne Erkelens, Spanish Teacher

Yvonne Erkelens

Spanish Teacher

Yvonne Erkelens was born and raised in Guatemala, and Spanish is her first language. She was born to German parents and attended international schools, making her fluent in German and English as well. In 1996, she moved to California with her husband, Stephan, and her three sons, Chris, Tim, and Michael.

Mrs. Erkelens has served as an instructional assistant in grades K-6 and as a Spanish teacher for grades K-8. It is her joy and passion to teach Spanish, and she prays that, with the Lord’s help, her students are able to gain a greater appreciation for the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world.

When not helping her students, Mrs. Erkelens enjoys relaxing with her family and making memories with her three grandchildren.

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